Installation and Downloads


Before installing the Quantum Machine Learning Toolbox, the following dependencies need to be installed:

These packages will be installed automatically if using pip, see below for details. For additional information on Strawberry Fields, please see the Strawberry Fields documentation.


Installation of the Xanadu Quantum Machine Learning Toolbox, as well as all required Python packages mentioned above, can be done via pip:

$ python -m pip install qmlt

Make sure you are using the Python 3 version of pip.


To build the documentation, the following additional packages are required:

If using Ubuntu, they can be installed via a combination of apt and pip:

$ pip3 install sphinx --user
$ pip3 install sphinxcontrib-bibtex --user

To build the HTML documentation, go to the top-level directory and run the command

$ make docs

The documentation can then be found in the doc/_build/html/ directory.